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Decisional Balance (3rd Component of the Transtheoretical Model)

Decisional Balance

Transtheoretical Model of Change, Component #3

This is the 3rd component of the Transtheoretical Model of Change (TMoC) about which we highlighted a few weeks ago.

Decisional Balance assumes that making changes about a healthier lifestyle involves a weighing of good vs. bad OR benefits vs. losses. As one progresses through the Stages of Change, a shift from risk to benefits occurs.

In the early stages of change (precontemplation and contemplation), individuals typically see more risk than benefit to changes in healthy lifestyle. Why? Because they have little understanding of how to go about making this change in behavior. Additionally, they are sometimes even unaware of the problem or believe that it cannot be solved. In the mid stages (preparation), the risks and benefits appear equal, which may sometimes leave individuals stuck in this stage. In the late stages of change (maintenance ad action), the benefits outweigh the risks, which pushes the individual towards desired results.

So – you see, as an individual progresses through the Stages of Change, he begins to weigh the risks against the benefits. Our goal is to shift our behaviors and insight to “see” the power of the benefits and turn risk into gain.  Your goal – eliminate anxieties and any irrational beliefs.  This will lead you on a path to continued success. 🙂

-Patti Zikmund

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