I am now a triathlete…..

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The "T" in F.I.T.

Well, I got out of my long distance running comfort and did what I never thought I’d do.  I swam, I biked and then…and only then… I ran.   In that exact order.

Now – for a gal who’s used to running straight for a little over 3 hours covering 26.2 miles, this was quite a change of pace for me. I mean – gosh – I got to actually STOP and change my sport just when I was about to get tired and maybe even bored .  Super cool.

Especially considering I trained for this event for a whopping 2 ½ weeks, swam only 4 times in the last 3+years, practiced that transition thingie from and to each new discipline only 2 times…….wow (and please don’t ever train like that….). I finished and thought, well gosh, Patti, look what you just accomplished?  You totally rock.  No training.  And then, of course, the insane thought occurred – Yes, I think….I need to do a longer one indeed.  If I train for double that time, I should win!!

Being the athlete that I am…..I know darn well that’s not happening anytime soon. But hey…a girl can dream, can’t she?

And now…I call myself a triathlete.

~ patti


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